Healing Hands Holistic Physical Therapy specializes in Fascial Counterstrain (FCS), a revolutionary manual technique that alleviates problems in the body often caused by restrictions, or spasm, of the fascia – a type of connective tissue that covers almost all our internal structures. FCS can be effective in treating pain and conditions that have not responded to traditional physical therapy.

How Does it Work?

When fascia is in spasm it can transmit pain signals, as well restrict the functioning of the underlying structures -- such as blood flow through arteries, conduction signals through nerves, or fluid drainage through veins.  These restrictions also can cause pain, weakness, limited range of motion, vascular issues and more, and often turn into chronic conditions unnecessarily. 


FCS relieves the restrictions by gently gliding the fascia in the direction of ease along the affected structure, thereby removing the tension on the tissue and allowing it to restore to its original form. Because the technique moves in the direction of ease, it is completely painless. The results people experience are often immediate and long lasting, if not permanent. Most people experience relief in just 1 to 4 sessions, rather than a typical physical therapy prescription of twice a week for six weeks, or more. 

Below is a PARTIAL list of conditions treatable with FCS, if you do not see your condition listed please contact us to inquire.


















Fascial Counterstrain was developed in the 1980’s by renowned physical therapist and orthopedic clinical specialist Brian Tuckey based on Dr. Lawrence Jones’ strain/counterstrain technique for the alleviation of painful conditions in the musculature. FCS is currently being taught to physical therapists and other medical practitioners around the world through an exclusive certification program at the Jones Institute, based in Carlsbad, CA. FCS training requires an extensive mastery of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, and is just being introduced in mainstream physical therapy programs. 


Dr. Shelley Cahn received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Columbia University in 2017 and is one of a handful of FCS practitioners in the New York Metropolitan area trained in the technique.

Healing Hands Holistic Physical Therapy has offices in Manhattan and New Paltz, New York. 



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In my first session, Dr. Cahn took away stomach pain I thought I would have for the rest of my life.


Dr. Cahn cured my 10 year  chronic back pain after 2 sessions.

I had been to 3 other practitioners before her and nobody was able to help me. 


My HSS surgeon couldn't believe how quickly I was able to walk after my ACL surgery, and he's done 100's of them!


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